Your city has the power to make green, renewable electricity the default in your area. Make your voice heard. Save the planet.


Culver City 100%

Culver City has selected the 100% renewable default! Thank your city council and staff for making such an important decision!

Speak up in person:

Send an email to the city council and staff:

Thomas Aujero Small (Mayor)           thomas.small@culvercity.org

Meghan Sahli-Wells (Vice Mayor)     meghan.sahli-wells@culvercity.org

Göran Eriksson (Councilmember)     goran.eriksson@culvercity.org

Alex Fisch (Councilmember)             alex.fisch@culvercity.org

Daniel Lee (Councilmember)            daniel.lee@culvercity.org

Joe Susca (Staff)                                  joe.susca@culvercity.org