Your city has the power to make green, renewable electricity the default in your area. Make your voice heard. Save the planet.



Malibu has selected the 50% renewable default. On 10/22/18, the council reconsidered and decided to stay at 50%, despite 2 council members' (Rosenthal and Peak) strong support for 100% and staff's recommendation for 100%. Let the council know that you want 100% renewable energy by default!

Speak up in person:

Send an email to the city council and staff:


Rick Mullen (Mayor)                                rmullen@malibucity.org

Jefferson Wagner (Mayor Pro Tem)       jwagner@malibucity.org

Lou La Monte (Councilmember)            llamonte@malibucity.org

Skylar Peak (Councilmember)                speak@malibucity.org

Laura Rosenthal (Councilmember)        lrosenthal@malibucity.org

Craig George (Enviro. Stnblty. Dir.)       cgeorge@malibucity.org