Your city has the power to make green, renewable electricity the default in your area. Make your voice heard. Save the planet.


Sierra Madre

Sierra Madre has selected the 50% renewable default. Let the council know that you want 100% renewable energy by default!

Speak up in person:

October 23, 6:30 PM

City Council Chambers

232 W. Sierra Madre Blvd, Sierra Madre, CA

Send an email to the city council and staff:

Denise Delmar (Mayor)                             ddelmar@cityofsierramadre.com

John Harabedian (Mayor Pro Tem)          jharabedian@cityofsierramadre.com

Gene Goss (Councilmember)                   ggoss@cityofsierramadre.com

John Capoccia (Councilmember)            jcapoccia@cityofsierramadre.com

Rachelle Arizmendi (Councilmember)     rarizmendi@cityofsierramadre.com

John Carlson (Management Analyst)       jcarlson@cityofsierramadre.com