Your city has the power to make green, renewable electricity the default in your area. Make your voice heard. Save the planet.


South Pasadena 100%

South Pasadena has changed their default selection from 50% to 100%.  Please thank city officials for choosing 100%!

Speak up in person:

Council Chambers

1424 Mission Street, South Pasadena, CA

Send an email to the city council and staff:

Richard Schneider (Mayor)                       rschneider@southpasadenaca.gov

Marina Khubesrian (Mayor Pro Tem)       mkhubesrian@southpasadenaca.gov

Diana Mahmud (Councilmember)           dmahmud@southpasadenaca.gov

Robert Joe (Councilmember)                  rjoe@southpasadenaca.gov

Michael Cacciotti (Councilmember)        mcacciotti@southpasadenaca.gov

Kim Hughes (Member of the Public)       kimberley.hughes@ladwp.com