Temple City

Temple City has not yet selected a renewable default. Let the council know that you want 100% renewable energy by default!

Speak up in person:


There are no more council meetings before the 10/31/18 deadline.

Council Chambers

5938 Kauffman Ave., Temple City, CA

Send an email to the city council and staff:

William Man (Mayor)                                 wman@templecity.us

Nanette Fish (Mayor Pro Tem)                 nfish@templecity.us

Tom Chavez (Councilmember)                tchavez@templecity.us

Cynthia Sternquist (Councilmember)      csternquist@templecity.us

Vincent Yu (Councilmember)                   vinceyu@templecity.us


Bryan Cook (City Manager)                      bcook@templecity.us