Advocacy tips and strategies:

  • Speak during public comment at city council or board of supervisor meetings

  • Email or call city council or board of supervisors

  • Request a meeting with city council members or board of supervisors 

  • Speak during public comment at your CCA board meetings

  • Connect with local environmental organizations 

  • Send letters of support from respected organizations or businesses

  • Identify and engage influencers, including peer to peer council members / board supervisors 

  • Find a champion city council member or board of supervisor

  • Get a petition going

  • Write letters to the editor or op eds for local publications

  • Engage diversity of constituents, like businesses, environmental justice, community orgs, etc.

  • Hone your messaging - make compelling a case, anticipate and overcome objections 

  • Utilize emissions inventory data if available to highlight the emissions impact of switching to 100% renewable

  • And remember, you don't have to have expert knowledge about CCAs or renewable energy, showing up is what matters most!

Local organizations supporting the 100% renewable default campaign:

Monterey Bay Community Power

Community Environmental Council

SLO Climate Coalition


Clean Power Alliance

350 Climate Hub Ventura County

Sierra Club Los Padres Chapter

Sierra Club West Los Angeles Chapter