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Local governments in more than 200 towns, cities and counties throughout California have joined Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), and there are currently over 20 local CCAs in operation and new ones emerging every year. If your community is among these already, then great! You have the opportunity right now to help your community adopt a 100% renewable energy default. If not, you can get to work on helping your community join a CCA or start one! Here are the CCAs:

Apple Valley Choice Energy

Ava Community Energy

Baldwin Park Resident Owned Utility District

Central Coast Community Energy

Clean Energy Alliance

Clean Power Alliance


Desert Community Energy

King City Community Power

Lancaster Choice Energy

Marin Clean Energy

Orange County Power Authority

Peninsula Clean Energy

Pico Rivera Innovative Municipal Energy

Pioneer Community Energy

Pomona Choice Energy

Rancho Mirage Energy Authority

Redwood Coast Energy Authority

San Diego Community Power

San Jacinto Power

San Jose Clean Energy

Silicon Valley Clean Energy

Sonoma Clean Power

Valley Clean Energy

Check out CalCCA, the California Community Choice Association, for more information and the latest updates on CCAs throughout the state.  

cal cca map.jpg

Source: CalCCA May 2021

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